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mercoledì 30 luglio 2014

Gaza: thousands of people demonstrating for Israel in Marseille

The event, which has joined the UMP mayor of the city, Jean-Claude Gaudin, was briefly interrupted by pro-Palestinian activists
Le président du Conseil général, Jean-Noël Guérini (ex PS), a fait lire un message de soutien.
The President of the General Council, Jean-Noel Guerini (eg PS), read a message of support. © BORIS HORVAT / AFP
A rally in support of Israel gathered Sunday in Marseille between 2000 people, according to the prefecture of police, and 6000, according to organizers. "Murderess Hamas, Israel will live", "Israel has the right to defend itself," the protesters chanted pro-Israelis gathered in the late afternoon of the Old Port of Israeli flags and French. "Stop Islamic terrorism," Stop Hamas terrorism "could be read on the banners. Several UMP deputy mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin, took part in the event. At the forum, the UMP mayor of 6:08 districts of the city, Yves Moraine , said that "being a friend of Israel" as "any being attacked has the right and duty to defend itself." President of the General Council, Jean-Noel Guerini (eg PS), read a message of support to justify a "military operation necessary" and Israel's right "to defend itself."

The atmosphere suddenly tense when dozens of Palestinian militants by small groups of adjacent streets, they tried to bring the Old Port, launching anti-Israel slogans before being surrounded by the forces of order that kept them away. Several pro-Palestinian demonstrators imitated the gesture of the dumpling. After sitting on the balcony of an old hotel dominant Port, four young men, punching, waving a Palestinian flag and shouted "murderess Israel", provoking cries of outrage from pro-Israel. The voltage is then resolved when it is surrounded by a large contingent of police, the protesters moved to the Israeli consulate, where the procession dispersed

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