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mercoledì 25 febbraio 2015

Boussouf, Ben Bella and Boumediene had the passion of Algeria ???

By Slimane Melab,
I would like to continue my research on this sensitive issue that ignited the souls of all the Algerian people. In my view, the virtual war of Algeria against France from 1954 to 1962, raised several puzzled everyone says in his favor, and according to his favorite hero, but as a whole and in general, the facts speak loudly in really striking eastern and northern Algeria. As for the west, I do not think y'ait been revolutions for the location and proximity of Morocco, which was part of the French partnership. So far most westerners feel Moroccans. That said, I think the Boussouf gentlemen, Ben Bella, Ali Kafi and were accomplices in the western region where peace reigned and while in many northern and eastern patriots died, the "mujahideen".
The French settlers built west better than other regions of Algeria. Even today, the state continues to modernize and invest in western Algeria.
The real heroes of the revolution are all killed, the minority had not remained highly regarded in the state, even if someone had the merits and national awards for his political and ministerial approchement or its oauprés knowledge of the state.
Ben Bella never did the war in Algeria, he was the son of two Moroccan immigrants "born in Maghnia" ??? always to the west of Algeria, was under the French army which was released after an excellent combination to hack the FLN, in the form of deserter from the army in 1959 françaiseen ??? In truth, it was a coup, after removing the President of the future probable Republic of Algeria during the war "Ait-Hammouda Amir, with a plot against him and was eliminated in the Boussaada region. To give the green light to the future president of Algeria was actually Morocco, especially in order to have overall control of Algeria ..
! 962-1965, Boumediene was defense minister of Algeria made a coup against Benbella and imprisoned for various reasons.
Benbella authorized civil war that claimed 500,000 deaths in the three years after the war 62-65. Boumediene knew too much about this president who was not attached to Algeria, in effect reducing the population to have control over the entire population.
Boumediene also on his part not never participated in the liberation war, said its development in universities "Zitouna" in Tunisia and "Al Azhar" in Egypt ?? .
Boumediene was really nationalist Algerian origin, even if he had presided for 13 years with more dictatorial ways by a single party, "he Dustur", however, had a more popular beginning with the construction of socialist villages, schools , hospitals, universities mêmedes offering scholarships to various African countries. He had his Marxist ideology more elastic, people could go out and return to the country without any difficulty.
Fittingly, each chair has its own strengths and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect to move with wisdom and perfection.
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