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venerdì 31 maggio 2013

The rights of women in Africa are stagnating ...?

According TRIBUNE equal rights in Africa is still a taboo, but would promise the changes?For the first time Joyce Banda, a woman was elected last year to the presidency in Malawi, head of the African Union Commission was also elected South Africa's Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, as well as in Senegal, The majority of parliamentarians are women with a wide victory outside of 43%, which probably indicate a change?I think it's very early to vote in favor because there is too much violence against children and women, but especially in Africa, there is sexual discrimination.The OECD has developed an index which indicates the high level of discrimination, 9/10 among the lowest of the countries are ranked just south of the Sahara are: The RCD-Congo, Somalia, Sudan and Mali which is respectively 82/86 countries surveyed.South Africa is ranked in fourth place, 21 and 28 Namibia Rwanda are an exceptional figure ..I am sure that there is an answer to these scandalous acts that exclude women of their family law, inheritance or property are never respected or taken into consideration due to local social norms discriminatory against women. Young women get married so early that they have no right of access to the resources of the family, as heritable conveniences and credits.Despite the adoption of new laws against violence of women, rape, domestic unpunished because most African countries hardly consider it as a criminal act to the point that the Congo - Brazzaville, RCD Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea - Conakry, Mali Somalia and more than 75% of women say that in some cases-integrator that violence is justified.Nevertheless genital mutilation is still widespread throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa, but three countries that have completely banned the use of this horrible and monstrous traditional application: The Eritrea-Kenya and Uganda.
Senegalese wemen and children 

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