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lunedì 29 giugno 2015

The DRS has leaked files of corruption in the press

He is adamant he does not deviate. Credible or not, it does not loose ballast. True to its corporate, political analyst Mohamed Chafik Mesbah persists and signs, it puts harmless Lieutenant General Mohamed Médiène aka edzayer rab, that is to say one who makes rain or shine, and his cronies. For him, they are strangers to the deleterious political climate in Algeria and announcing great turbulence.
In Annaba, on March 17, before the students of the preparatory school for Economic and Business Sciences, DRS retired colonel goes further: Toufik the men would be incorruptible and reliable, they would make sure the grain and alert the public opinion of the dangers facing their country. Obviously it does not have these thoughts crudely, they are always tacit and clear as his denials of military crimes and no doubt their reach. When he says that DRS officers have developed perfume secretly press major corruption cases, there is no doubt that they are honest and loyal to their country and stand out from the deadly laxity Bouteflika. By the way, it makes no remark and acknowledged that in taking such a decision, Toufik men arrogate much an unconstitutional law, they secretly act as a power-cons independent and underground.
Conversely, the "Algerian fill" which, for him, means the president Bouteflika and his chosen men, unconsciously doing everything to lead Algeria to a disaster. If Bouteflika does not undertake serious reforms urgently, Algeria risks becoming an easy prey to the greed of superpowers to ogle its hydrocarbon deposits. It also criticizes the foreign policy of Bouteflika who would have the exclusive management. He saw a total failure, Algeria has no more weight in the region.
The intellectual Mesbah continues to preach the same design of the Algerian authorities. On one side the good soldiers of DRS and other bad actors in national politics. If for the second part, the description from a unanimous conclusion and did not need proof, the first part, on the original box, it will be difficult to convince public opinion that the two "clans" form two sides of the same coin. Especially not annabis, who, on 29 June 1992, where have seen at home, what his friends are able DRS .. The blood of an Algerian president sank in their city. If an intellectual like him believe in the isolated act, the people did not need to énarques rantings about who killed him. The death of Boudiaf is the crime that put the entire political class and the elite in a single row; that of the DRS. Since then, everyone has folded. The terror of the liquidation and persecution has been so present no political player dares criticize the military for their excesses and their failure or demand accountability as authorized by the Constitution.
The chiaroscuro design MCM on the Algerian government that does not convince those who make allegiance to the occult power. Some, like Sid-Ahmed Ghozali and Abdelhamid Brahimi, or Belaid Abdeslam were more courageous in identifying the real power. It is an illusion to deceive the public about it. Are illusory, too, its calls for the army, begging him not to interfere in political affairs, as the military masters of Algeria and are afraid to find themselves in a weak position. They will never want to abandon their role as guardians and king-makers, for them it is a matter of life or death. These calls reflect only the refusal of Mr. Mesbah recognize the compromising of the army in the deterioration of the political and economic life experienced by Algeria. The descent into hell, not the establishment of political parties, civil society, intellectuals and elite did not start with Bouteflika nor she will stop after his departure
Le DRS a fuité les dossiers de la corruptions à la presse

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