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lunedì 1 giugno 2015

"Paris-Algiers", a passional story ": a book-revelation" which will be released tomorrow in France

It is a book with many revolutions that have published two important French journalists, TF1 Christophe Dubois and Marie-Christine Tabet Journal du Dimanche. Paris-Algiers: History enthusiast, published by Archive, will be released tomorrow bookseller in France. The book devotes a chapter to the "business", and in particular to property "acquired" or "illegal" by senior Algerian officials. It contains the names of the daughter of Sellal Bouchouareb, Saadani, Brahimi Cherif Abbas ... .. Tropism Parisian.
In the chapter "Alger-sur-Seine", the name of the Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdessalem Bouchouareb appears headlining the nomenklatura parisianisée Algerian. "The 26 juin2006, Abdessalem Bouchouareb has an appointment Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, in a well-known notary. Comes complete the purchase of the property that belongs to a wealthy family in the north of France. The apartment is located at 21 quai Montebello, in the 5th arrondissement, one of the most charming places in Paris ", reveal the book's authors. The Minister, at the time, was vice RND; Then he offered two games on the first floor, with an area of ​​156 m2, in an exclusive part of Paris, with a value of € 1,180,000, the authors reveal. As it was unable to pay for the purchase? As it has been able to transfer this amount? According to the act and the financial package, Bouchouareb paid € 580,000 in cash. The balance of 600 000 euro, was the subject of a bridge loan from the agency of Lille of Crédit du Nord, say the authors of the book.
Today, the property of the minister has a value of over three million. Our minister knows clearly to invest, but in the land of Paris. As for the origin of this money, Bouchouareb try a vague explanation unconvincing: "I am living in France since 1978 I arrived as a student, and I have created a business. I have a business in Algeria. I mentioned it in my statement very carefully and as deputy minister heritage .... "The current industry minister, it should be remembered, is being discussed by the Khalifa Bank. Whatever the general secretary of the Workers' Party, Louisa Hanoune, designates as "one of the spokespersons of the oligarchy" much prefer Paris to Algiers.
It is not the only one, are still in number, these dignitaries of the Algerian regime, pouring quiet days admiring the Seine. Cherif Rahmani is one. Through subtle operation, and care that only African dignitaries master, the former governor of Algiers was able to buy an apartment at 22, rue Singer in the chic 16th district, through a real estate company (SCI) 7 July 1997 made by B. Ryda (22 years) and Benyoucef B. (61), two candidates actually using Rahmani, several times minister, for the purchase of his apartment. "The first is accounting used by a friend of Cherif Rahmani, who has many companies in France and the second is his driver. In 2003, SCI changes ownership to pass into the hands of Bentahar Zubaida, wife of Cherif Rahmani, as director; changes His name in FO-MM, acronyms designating the four sons of former minister, "says the book, on the basis of documents, but also a witness. That of a friend to Rahmani, Zaidi L., originating in Setif. "I met Rahmani there 40 years, I was a student, he worked for the province of Algiers. He was looking for a pied-a-terre in Paris and asked him to find one. I bought this apartment on credit, I transferred his shares SCI. It does not cost him anything. He assumed the loan, which was repaid by the rent, "says the friend of the former minister, who was director of the restaurant of the Mosque of Paris.
The apartment of the daughter of Sellal 860000
The Secretary General of the former single party unspeakable, which has a diplomatic passport and has "asked for a passport to be able to move safely in France", the owner of an apartment in the high places of the Parisian bourgeoisie, Neuilly-on-Seine. "Saadani is the owner of an apartment in Neuilly, which he uses during his visit to France, but is occupied by one of his daughters," says the head teacher FLN lawyer Jean-Yves Dupeux, which occupies much of FLN activities of the chef converted. According to the deed of sale, "Amar Saadani started in his name started with the seller before forming a SIC more discreet," says the book.
Another name mentioned for the first time in "good team" of Algerian leaders have succumbed to the charms of the city of lights. This is one of Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal. If no property is stated in its name, as "a close relative has invested in the capital. On 27 April 2007, the daughter Rym, 28 years old, at the time, bought an apartment in one of the most expensive streets in the world, the Champs Elysées. It says the analyst based in London. That day, became the owner of two studios located in the gallery Champs Elysees Arcades. A prestigious address. The seller is a 32 year old Afghan, tax consultant (....). The sale is concluded at € 860,000, "says Christophe Dubois in his book. "The notarial document does not reveal any bank loan, but said that € 50,000 were paid even before that day and the accounts of the notary," reads the survey conducted by the authors of the book. According to e-mail services gallery Champs-Elysées, Miss Sellal has never set foot in this apartment, which will be rented. The question is author of the book is, where do the funds to buy the apartment. A hypothesis: married to a Lebanese businessman, Ramzy El Asmar, who worked for an oil company in London, the daughter of the prime minister would solve the bill through its rich husband ...
In this book you are also mentioned the regular visits of the former Minister of the Mujahideen, Mohamed Cherif Abbas, in the Lyon region. This former minister over his shoulder "revolutionary legitimacy" and pretends to be the champion of Algeria independent ", had settled in Lyon", according to the revelations of the book. What is certain is that the daughter of the former minister is in this city for years and works at the consulate of Algeria.
According to statistics of notaries in Paris, between 2010 and 2014, "almost a good ten (apartment or house) acquired in Ile-de-France from a foreign country is an Algerian."
The book made another startling revelation. If this chapter of the book - "Alger-sur-Seine" - not to mention all the high military and civil Algerian, active and retired, who have a second home in Paris, sums up the formula dear to sociologist Nacer Djabi "When officials Algerians are flying in Paris, they go home ... "
Farid Bedjaoui, the money of the black gold flowing Paris
Another figure - quickly burned by the spotlight in the wake of the scandal Sonatrach - has laundered money from commissions in France, Farid Bedjaoui, wanted by Interpol. It 'also in the sights of the French justice. "The seizure of the yacht, worth € 6.6 million, and other assets - two buildings avenue d'Iena in the 16th district and a villa in Ramatuelle - are the financial aspects of a sprawling case shaking the safe of Algeria." The His alleged accomplice, Omar Habour, 76, is also being targeted by the French justice. Owned properties, valued at € 6 million, were seized. According to sources close to the investigation, the legacy of the two partners would amount to 36 million euro, according to the book Dubois Tabet. Farid Bedjaoui also the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the French courts.
Toufik, the party courted by French
"In December 2011, Claude Gueant, Minister of the Interior, announced his arrival in Algiers. In diplomatic circles, the announcement raised some embarrassment. The protocol Algerian claims not to be aware of this movement. Under the cover cooperation between businesses, the French minister wants, in fact, see General Mohamed Lamine Mediène, the intelligence chief. However, the French maneuver goes wrong Algerian level which is the process disparaging. Claude Guéant wants to see President Bouteflika, who refuses. 'You have chosen your side', we know that the substance, the French Minister. "Obviously, Mr. Guéant has met neither the President nor the head of the Services.
The episode recorded in the book testifies in every case of obsession that the French leaders have to do with the powerful boss of the DRS, which has earned a reputation as a man of mystery as intriguing. "The function, title, power and relationships Mohamed Mediène make it a popular speaker. Claude Gueant had met the all-powerful head of the DRS at the Elysee when he was Secretary General. During one of his trips, Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister, has also insisted on seeing the "reveals Paris-Algiers, passionate tale, depicting General Toufik according to the testimony of French officials who have seen" privilege "of meeting him. "Mediène is a taciturn, marked by the bloody struggle that led against the Islamists in 1990. A brilliant man, thin. It is part of the generation that generally have the feeling of having saved the nation (...). It could be your uncle. A small man with glasses. An analyst late grandfather very relaxed, but also very respected: when he speaks, the generals behind do not move when she laughs, they laugh .... Meetings with foreign counterparts takes place in an old French colonial mansion on the heights Algiers, "he said in the book.
The French who coasted more general Toufik was Bernard Squarcini. "In June 2007, Bernard Squarcini, over centralized management of information at the head of the DST, continues to maintain a link between France and the Algerian services. Toufik met." Jean-Yves Le Drian has also been one of its visitors when he moved to Algiers in 2014. "The employees of the Ministry of Defence so that the man continues to exercise moral authority, but kept very wooden language speech. The minister came from the meeting disappointed," he says again the book.
In their investigation, Christophe Dubois and Marie-Christine Tabet also say that during his hospitalization at the Val de Grace, President Bouteflika received the visit of President Hollande discreet, his defense minister JY Le Drian and also that of the head of DGSE, Bernard Bajolet. He offered her a box of chocolates. A huge bouquet of flowers was sent to thank the mortar barracks, the headquarters of the French secret service. Who said that between the Algerian government and the French power is war? Behind the discourse ultranationalist and anti-French Algerian officials hides a strong friendship well cared for.
Christophe Dubois and Marie-Christine Tabet, Paris-Algiers: impassioned history (Archive Editions, 370 pages)
Hacen Ouali
« Paris-Alger », une histoire passionnelle »: Un livre-révélation » qui sortira demain en France

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