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venerdì 19 giugno 2015

Rebrab prevented from entering the capital of NCA Rouiba

The Commission for the organization and supervision of securities transactions (COSOB) must make a decision at least strange cancellation entry Cevital participation in NCA Rouiba.
No one is a prophet in his house. In this case Issad rebrab is the perfect example. By the time everything is invested in Europe and companies save jobs in France and in Italy, Algeria, the power of maneuver to stop investing in this way. The last event was his inability to take a stake in NCA Rouiba.
The Commission for the organization and supervision of securities transactions (COSOB) in Algiers has decided to suspend the acquisition by Cevital leading food group in Algeria, with AfricInvest 15% stake in the privately held New drinks Algerian Cannery (NCA Rouiba -) direct Slim Othmani.
In a letter to NCA Rouiba, a few days after the announcement of the block transation, COSOB announced the industry group that the operation has been suspended "the decision of the Algerian State to exercise its right of first refusal."
There is no smoke without fire. Observers of the national political scene would have seen this decision will do two things at once. Cevital over, so it's Slim Othmani, head of the NCA Rouiba who is suffering from rebound. Remember that Othmani resigned from the Forum of entrepreneurs last mid-March on a background of opposition to support the candidacy of Bouteflika for a fourth term. In his resignation letter FCE, Slim Othmani had just called the April ballot "electoral masquerade".
In reality, this is not the first time that the authority takes action against the investment projects of Issad rebrab. Many of his projects have remained on paper or canceled
Rebrab empêché d’entrer dans le capital de NCA Rouiba

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