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venerdì 19 giugno 2015

Video: The spy trial in Algeria because he was photographing his yard with a toy

Didier Vignaud, used in Algeria by General Electric Belfort to oversee the construction of a power plant in Hassi R'Mel, was sentenced on Sunday by the court of Laghouat, to one year in prison and a € 10,000 fine. He used a small toy and a drone Go Pro camera to shoot at regular intervals the progress of his state of construction, reports the Est Républicain.
According to him, it is "on demand" from his employer (not confirmed), has begun to take its aerial views of the site and would be the victim of a complaint of his chief of security which has previous professional comparison of a "great failure ".
Didier Vignaud, engineer and passionate about archeology and model aircraft, appeal and continues to work on the site. A support page on Facebook and an online petition to the President of the Republic and the Minister of the Interior appeared online
Vidéo: Jugé pour espionnage en Algérie parce qu’il photographiait son chantier avec un jouet

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