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martedì 30 giugno 2015

They had asked to be parties, Khalifa Bank in liquidation and the Bank of Algeria rejected.

A week after the decision of the verdict of the appeals process of the main body Khalifa Bank and the topic of the Bank of Algeria and settlement, the Criminal Court today gave its decision on their application for inclusion in a civil action. The two entities were simply rejected.
Antar Menouar who had to manage the process of Khalifa Bank in the presence of the former golden boy for 42 days, justified its refusal by the fact that neither the Bank of Algeria nor Khalifa Bank in liquidation were given either to the Supreme Court after the verdict in the first case in 2007.

The same decision applies to 39 administrative organizations, such as social security funds and public economic enterprises as Sonatrach and Sonelgaz and other consultants. For the judge, these entities have suffered damage. Therefore, it is the civil court and not criminal should contact to claim their due.

Recall that Khalifa Bank in liquidation represented by the liquidator Moncef Badsi and defended by Ali Meziane. Who explained the criminal court that he had not appealed to the first trial. "But with the extradition of the main accused and the retrial of the case again, he had to. And we want to build our civil action only against him."

In addition, today's hearing was marked by a surprise. Abandonment of default against the brother of Abdelmoumene Khalifa who was accused of concealing the proceeds of crime and he was eliminated when he was not even present in court to be heard.

Finally, remember that the criminal court at the Court of Blida on Tuesday handed sentences ranging from probation to 18 years in prison "(for Abdelmoumene Khalifa) and 53 acquittals. This, pending which will reveal the story were swift , which included all the embezzlement and illegal transfer of foreign currency. A case now be in the hands of the Division indictment of the criminal court at the Court of Tipasa, education is to its final touches.

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