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mercoledì 10 giugno 2015

Daech threat on Algeria, Who benefits from the manipulation of the media?

It is a specific plan to put pressure on North African countries
The presence of this organization in Iraq, Syria and Libya was oversized.

Daesh is 700 km from the Algerian border. The terrorist group Jund al-Khilafa affiliated with this terrorist organization have well constitute a crime syndicate around the country, however, the data in the possession of the intelligence forces are entrusting other sources who question: who benefits from the plot to destabilize the country? Who benefits from the media manipulation? To our sources there is a specific plan to put pressure on the Maghreb countries, creating a climate of fear among the population.

The services have noted in their investigations two key points. First, the presence Daesh strength elements in Syria and Iraq is oversized, particularly as regards the control of territories then the information from these two countries are false. This is the same as regards Libya.

To our sources no body specializing in security information, no organization is claiming to have the best surveys or expert is able to assess the situation or to speak with a threat that could put Algeria in jeopardy. To our sources there is too much propaganda. However, this does not mean that Algeria should ignore the risk and the danger from outside. Information reports of the capture of territories and localities near Sirte, Libya, by terrorist groups Jund Al-Khilafa affiliated with the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has been taken into account The security measures also in every detail. ANP forces are in position and on a war footing against any possible threat. For security, the Algerian-Libyan border certainly are a danger but the terrain is mastered until proven otherwise, the greatest threat comes from the Malian border.

Recently, the security services have managed to clarify some mystery regarding terrorist infiltration. Those, in exchange for a large sum of money rent vehicles with drivers evaders is to introduce on Algerian soil via the Malian border to Tamanrasset to try to make contact with the Al residues Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The goal is to try to enlist in Daesh. Other information entrusted by our sources, it is the movement of weapons including AK47, sold 12,000 DA.

Investigations have been launched in this direction to unmask the instigators of this traffic that our sources also link to smuggling which is working with the terrorists. Algeria has deployed thousands of soldiers to the border who work day and night to maintain security in the country.

Algeria is both strategically prevention as the device comes with great vigilance and professionalism. In depth knowledge of the criminal profile, it will have proved on the field all his skills by establishing meaningful results through operational intelligence.
Menace de  Daesh sur l’Algérie,  A qui profite la manipulation médiatique?

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