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giovedì 7 febbraio 2013

The case WAkaso !!! By Slimane Melab

The player from Ghana who will celebrate his victory as its national African Cup of Nations held in South Africa, he showed his inner shirt with the inscription: "Allah is great" God is great. For this, he was warned by the referee of the CAF (Confederation of African Football ball). It is inconceivable, unacceptable, intolerable! I do not understand why? But it is not that each of us has the right to thank his god as they want? And if, instead of the word "Allah" was written "Christ", we would have penalized and suspended the player? I do not think at all!The majority of Christians, before entering on the ground made ​​the sign of the cross, I wonder if this is legal? Otherwise, FIFA confederations with others, should be making decisions and the provisions in this regard, or prohibit all the prayers of all religions in the area and removing all matters affecting the sport in general; religion and politics in particular. By Slimane Melab

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