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sabato 29 dicembre 2012

Liquor in Algeria between taboo and hypocrisy

Going back is very difficult, however alcoholic beverages have always existed in Algeria is one of the largest wine producers in the world. The Arabs were not the first to invent the wine. At the time of ((dynasty)) of Boumediene (former President of Algeria from 65 to 78) who had established a dictatorship unmistakable, Algerians consume alcohol freely without accountability to anyone. And as we stay in the same spot, instead of having passed the great taboos that generate considerable hostility in society?? slowly beginning to prohibit all that lies behind the Western habits as is dictated by the holy book "The Koran" witch consider it a sin. Who wants to go back to the times of the stone is free, but he must not lead by force the others! The "HARAM" is invented by man, the ruler of the earth ...
Used fanatical Islamic dictatorship only one way to convince you of their beliefs with the old methods, stress and oppression posters are able to achieve their goal. The Lord was always put in half at any time to weaken the enemy and make it more vulnerable. These fanatics, live locked in their jealousy and their fear of being overwhelmed and outdated, what despised, and above all look different. Sooner or later, the traditions are lost and become new cults. Every time is different. Acknowledge the reality of today and try to talk individually and collectively, we are humans, but not animals, we are all part of the same group, but we respect each other unconditionally and without creating barriers of type: racism, regionalism, gender, color or religion, and especially without harm us. Life is a time for all .

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