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martedì 18 dicembre 2012

PETITION: Demand A Plan - President Obama, We Need a Gun Safety Plan for America

Yes, I agree with you completly that all individuals looking for a cooperation, a help, a solution to the tragedy in the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I'm so sorry It 'a hard blow for the and I submit mines condolences ll families involved in this ugly tragedy. whole of humanity. I think we felt deeply the blow drawing out and merciless murderer. I do not think it is appropriate to speculate on the chairmanship of Mr Obama. And 'since 1871 that the possession of weapons became legal in America is practically in the constitution. Freedom is primordial, then everything is permitted without duty. I think it is for the American people to vote in favor of the prohibition of firearms that America will be able to acquire a new image in society and giving all youth a perfect education, safe basing on love and peace. If the American people want to proceed without too many scandals and without speculating on the function of President Obama who among other things was walking very well, I believe that anything is possible. I support and agree with your demands peacefully!

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