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giovedì 28 luglio 2016

A Catholic priest killed in his church of Saint - Etienne. France

Immagine per il risultato di tipo notizie
Jacques Hamel
Slimane Melab
It was just an old man of 86 years who had continued to exercise his priestly functions with love and desire to get closer to his dream, it will probably be the one who will complete his ecclesiastical work, the aim of all Catholic priests in the world. In fact Jacques Hamel, unfortunately he was brutally murdered by a real barbarian, a villain, a coward who took advantage of an old helpless and defenseless, in his church, in God's house as he was to say mass in front of all his parishioners and of his followers, a diabolical and monstrous gesture on the part of the author of this tragedy that deserves capital punishment through a guillotine. That Father Jacques Hamel rest in peace and may God welcome him into his vast paradise.

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