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lunedì 18 luglio 2016

Case Benzema for France.

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Slimane Melab
Benzema is certainly the issue related to media policy design of the far right that has always pointed the finger at a social revolution starting with the ethnic cleaning to reduce the foreign presence (especially the Maghreb) in the French company and flourish black pink (as peaceful people) among the European francos-, considered legitimate children of the future France This ideology had already failed since the victory of the European Cup of Nations in 1984 by France's captain Guadeloupe Marius Tresor and Jean Tigana.
The French media have not yet understood that the technology will probably remain a big taboo for the moment for African but not for long, but to respect the sport, Africa will certainly have its place and that Africans are a single physical strength of its kind, and that America had understood before anyone else, why she finds from a distant time the largest country in the world, the one who holds always economy records in industry and especially in sport, a country of 300 million people that often surpass the popular china which is 4 times the US population and almost one Indian (from Hinde).
Time will pass and revert it continues to always attack the Maghreb by calling them racist and private individuals, who do not want to integrate in a society that has always rejected them as if it were a garbage and although I believe that today's youth has never known nor revolution nor war in Algeria, yet the wounds of the past are often brutally flush when disgrace or misfortune in order to engulf and bury the innocent who could not choose where to be born, or rather what family they can t go astray in order to feel protected and especially considered; here are the most important- the point it is not by chance these Francos-Europeans who wanted to take the monopoly of France multi-identity and to divide it into several part to ensure that domination a positive result in their consensus, but at the same time illegal, not fixed and not fra- ternal quite the opposite of France of solidarity- égalité- fraternity.
When it comes to a portugue, a Spanish or Hungarian born in France are considered French, a Zidane, a Benzema, Ben Arfa or a Nasri will always be considered children of North African immigrants, an hitlerian ideology!!! why this distinction, while french Prime Minister is a pure Spanish immigrant ???? I believe that evil will always come to those who accept emigration, ie d - the indigenous inhabitants of France who will have to change education to children by teaching them the love, unity, fraternity , friendship, and especially peace and mutual respect among all cultures around the world. A process that should
be applied from 1960, the year that opened the borders of France, which sought to propcurer the foreign labor force in all countries. Yet since that famous day, instead of advancing, we went back, because after 56 years we still hear of racism and hatred between the races. What desolation and shame today, we are still at the same stage, the discord and cultural and ethnic intabilité.

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