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lunedì 25 luglio 2016

Who is behind its fratricidal massacres ???

Photo de Slimane Melab.
Slimane Melab
Who is behind these fratricidal massacres aimed constantly civilian and military innocent ??? Try and convict through media information of its members who are only swell their bank accounts thanks to the detriment of the misfortunes of the human robots well indoctrinated to sacrifice for an ideal inexistent, more materialistic than spiritual faith that eventually being rewarded in gold coin. The life of a man pays dearly by man itself to build its silliness mountains by using goats credible messengers using the popular ways to spread more easily shocking and saddening themes that touch deep soul all the same citizens the most skeptical in the transformants in anti-emigrant Muslim soldiers, but especially African norths. Europe is a major world power that will not easily make such attacks before, and yet, strangely enough, it was often limited to contemplate the danger away for fear of being unmasked ??? We all continue to support freedom, tolerance but above all peace, but deep in all events, no one knows the dynamics of the facts will demonstrate zero with a specific testimony behind these horrific acts, perhaps be organized by the same extremists European sponsors in order to discredit the political system of the left and further upgrade the extreme right, a party based on the total discrimination of the human race, which does not recognize international human rights and as to quote an observation of a great symbol of world peace, indeed Enrico Macias stated that in case of victory of the FN, he would have left France to live in Israël. France is up to investigate to discover the source of this discriminatory virus that is about to infect the majority of the French media, the real policy makers of this beautiful country.

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