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martedì 12 agosto 2014

Journey on the coast tlemcen iana (Algeria): Tourism, drugs and tent Belkhadem

According to "Algeria"
Tlemcen still retains its clothing as the capital of Islamic culture, but loses some of its status as contraband of any kind and transit area for drugs. Drug trafficking, smuggling and illegal immigration have declined significantly since the beginning of the year.
The summer season began auspiciously. Port-Say, for pupils, Marsa Ben Abdelaziz Belkhadem Mhidi again and that has made her a favorite summer in recent years, was stormed by vacationers under the watchful eye of police and border guards.
Opposite, Saidia, Morocco, clearly visible with flags, but separated from Port-Say for "epidermal" reasons often end politically wrong. To avoid friction and the reissue of scout case last year, when the pups have had the courage to take pictures, get in line torrent of demarcation between Algeria and Morocco, before being captured by the mekhaznis. The province has decided to put a fence to demarcate the national level is not exceeded.
The construction of the separation extends from the visible area of the sea border at the mouth of the river and the start of the land border. This is not a restrictive device, says it does, but just to avoid any problems with tourists who do not lose any photo in this small delta and adjacent opposite. The GGF with a mission to edge along the fence under construction, be sure to reassure fans of the film.
Port-Say and Saidia look
That said, this fence has nothing to do with imagination that sets the grid Morocco, which claims to please his European financiers, the fight against illegal immigration and secondarily against drug trafficking. But places like the kingdom to place its facilities are far from being the "corridors" of convoys of drug or African immigrants.
On the beach, a large tent holds its own, a space without quarter. She is the only one of this size. This is the tent of Belkhadem ... Access is denied. It is said a police officer assigned to security on this side of the beach.
Between Tlemcen and Marsa Ben Mhidi The journey seems long, except for the stretch of highway that runs Maghnia. The road is not enough for the endless stream of cars. The town of Boukanoune, Sidi Sidi Boussaid Boudjenane or have become urban areas with heavy traffic. Total calm day and the strong smell of fuel in the evening. The hallaba (smugglers of fuel) continue to operate despite the new provisions, the device of the GGF and deep trenches dug along the border.
The quantities have been reduced considerably, but the traffic continues, the authors of its wits to get around obstacles. But they can not use vehicles or animals to carry goods. They then returned to the tank and the back of a man for transport to the border area with the risk of falling into the ditch. The border guards seized, from January to July, about 500 000 liters of fuel in 507 cases related to the fight against smuggling.
Cannabis - diesel
On the contrary, it is the exclusive product: cannabis that Morocco is the world's largest producer. Besides its operators went to the industrialization of quantity. They use the same techniques smugglers. Small amounts hidden in backpacks are thrown into ditches that vis-à-vis recover. Except that they must be able to do more and put out of sight of the goods.
They introduced another aspect in this "business", as shown by the data of the National Gendarmerie showing for the first half of 2014 the dismantling of the 20 networks composed of individuals of different nationalities specializing in traffic. Sixty-nine people were arrested and 65 remain at large. Fishing has been very high, with over 33 tons of hashish treaty, 161 grams of cocaine and 1,008 tablets of psychotropic drugs.
What drug and anesthetize good of the world. There are also, despite many constraints, illegal immigration still draws some adventurers in search of a European air Tlemcen attempting to transit before entering the two Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. So far this year, police arrested 482 illegal immigrants Tlemcen of which 126 were returned to their home countries.
Black purse disappeared
Back in the days of dog tlemcénienne with its ocher-colored haze that makes it look fake Dublin. Another picture of life above Port-Say with their small villages clinging to the sides of this wooded mountain pine overlooking the sea. Summit, the families have invested through the woods road extension work again with a bonus decorative accessory. Millions of plastic bags blue decorate this type of family picnic cheerfully ignore.
As I leave, family leave traces of their presence in small heap blue mushrooms that are reshaping in shades supernatural. The same decoration takes visitors up below, the other side of Port-Say, at the beach of Bider. But no sign of the black bag has promised to extinction. Gone but replaced by his brother blue.
Some tents, umbrellas, and many families are taking advantage of this peaceful place.
They come from all over the world, from all regions of the country, said a police officer commander of the monitoring unit area. About 4,000 tourists who visit each day that range, he said, adding that some are allowed to camp. But RVs are not long stays. Its agents are everywhere. Motorists ply the road, regulate the traffic in parallel with the fixed barriers placed every five miles, the elements of greater engagement with elements that hold the beach and tourists brigade.
No major incident has been recorded since the beginning of the season, the official said. But the unusual presence and the number of watercraft shall be cause for concern. Especially because these extreme sports enthusiasts, they often forget the limits of their territory and near swimmers.
The garden, everything is not so pleasant. Prices have risen dramatically. Rentals are a leap chilling with peaks that rival 5 stars. Food back with their wings without saving scholarship. But that's another story
Virée sur la côte tlemcénienne : Le tourisme, la drogue et la tente de Belkhadem

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