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domenica 10 agosto 2014

To be colonized in his own country !!!

      Amazigh lounes
Subscribe · April 21
Be resolved in the country

For the sake of Kabylia, please share (Free text of the law)

Taking advantage of the fact that Europe is at bay, compared to the Ukrainian crisis and the problem of its gas supplies from Russia, the Mafia Algiers has always sold the riches of this country damned, is not, he had his first experience of and is willing to sell off everything to stay in power.
This largely explains complicit silence of the international community with regard to the designation of the mummy, in total contradiction with all international standards, common sense and respect for the will of the citizens,
Now that they have secured the silence of the great and the good, and the docility of other Algerians, the mafia wants to silence forever, all Amazigh in that country; have already started with the Mzab; but they want especially in the termination of Kabylia, and all that holds the value as a citizen.
But their nightmare is especially Kabylie of self-determination; in the brains of birds, they believe that the opportunity finally arrives, in order to finally subdue the rebel.
They have always dreamed of, but this time they really want to achieve.
This is why in general, the challenge too Tizi Wezou today.

What should we do? And most importantly, what can we do?

First we need to preserve our youth Kabylia is our only capital, and this is what we hold most dear.
There is no need to involve our youth in adventures that we do not control the end
Avoid the most power of Kabylia, and to combat by all means, the evil plans of the Mafia.
We can not say it enough, but it is essential to unite and organize ourselves.
Without it there is no salvation for us.
Must be evacuated, all that divides us and focus on everything that can unite us.
We need sincere political forces in Kabylia, take responsibility, to mark the land for real people begin.
We must face the fact that we are no longer dealing with a dictatorship, but exactly an occupying force. Should be treated as such.
Viva ... Kabylia. - With Derrar Hemena Tayeb, Khenane Hamid Jafar Tactounia and 38 other people, tamurt IQVAYLIYEN.
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Battle toooooooooooooozzzzzzzz Luis Mancunian
August 7 24:24 · Like

Lounes Amazigh Luis Manchester United, it's true power has bought a lot of Kabylia, and probably people like you ....
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Ghani Makoudi it's true my friend thanks
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Luis Mancunian YOU lounes amouzzour and that allowed me to talk about Aya good riddance
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Lounes Amazigh Luis Manchester United, do not forget that you're on my publication, if there is someone who needs to get the hell she is .... ay ucmit
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Dako DEK is that the air lol
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