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giovedì 14 agosto 2014

"We are all Christians of Iraq!"

According to "Le"
Two French intellectuals ask the Church to France to adopt a strong and courageous for the Christians of Iraq's position.
Les réfugiés ont trouvé un abri précaire dans le camp de Bahirka à Erbil, le 12 août 2014.
The refugees have found refuge in a camp precarious Bahira Erbil, August 12, 2014 © Ensar Ozdemir / Anadolu Agency
Call Rev. Georges Pontier, president of the Conference of Bishops of France, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, and the Church of France.
A S.It is Bishop, a Cardinal S.It is,
We know what you're doing on behalf of the Church of France, to express the support of Christians from Iraq now condemned as the worst moments of the story, having to choose between death, the abjuration of their faith or exile. Cardinal Barbarin has visited Iraq, accompanied by the Bishop Dubost and Pascal Gollnisch father. With the other, he shows, has mobilized the solidarity of Christians. Should not we go further?
The Christian community in France, we feel practicing Christians, but both those who were raised in the Christian faith, those who recognize it as constitutive of their identity, may wish to publicly and collectively gather beyond what is possible in every suite.
We see three reasons for this.
First, the Christian community can not remain passive before the martyrdom of Christians in Iraq. The Church of France must stand together against the Iraqi drama. This exceeds professing solidarity commitments; This is for all those who feel the principles of the Christian faith, Catholics and Protestants, as an indispensable part of the culture of life, individual and collective. Whatever our practice and our lack of practice, we want to express our commitment to the Christian faith and the universal values ​​it carries.
This mobilization is also an expression of Christian fellowship immediate and expressed collectively. The virtue of brotherhood can not remain just a private virtue. Threatening a Christian in Iraq is threatening all Christians here. The expression of a large fraternity around the Iraqi Christians - not to mention the "Yezidi" - is constitutive of their defense. And 'essential to support future policy actions, diplomatic and military that can be pursued. Their importance and effectiveness depend.
The third reason is the hope. The existence of a strong Christian community in Iraq testifies (shown) a principle of tolerance, mutual respect for the beliefs and individual choice, an indispensable condition of peace and good living in an open world. The principle of mutual tolerance gives its universal meaning of mobilization should and could accommodate community-based whenever and expressing their desire to live together.
Was not there three reasons intransigence urgent need to share a public event? In any case, if the Church of France took the lead, he would join them and we are sure you are not the only ones who feel the need to express collectively and publicly.
Euvé Francis, director of the University newspaper
François Ewald, Honorary Professor at CNA

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