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giovedì 21 agosto 2014

The Islamic State claimed the beheading of an American journalist

According to " Le",
 VIDEO. In retaliation for American air strikes in Iraq, jihadists claim to have beheaded the journalist James Foley, who was kidnapped in November 2012 in Syria.
Photo d'illustration.
Photo illustration. © Ahmad Al-Rubaye / AFP
The ultra-radicals of the Islamic State (EI) jihadists claimed to have beheaded an American journalist abducted in Syria and threatened to kill one another in the most direct air support to the United States response to the armed forces in Iraq . These Sunni extremists, who sow terror in Iraq and neighboring Syria, have lost ground in recent days in northern Iraq, including the control of the Mosul Dam, after an offensive against the armed forces and Kurdish fighters supported by massive raids and drone American warplanes. Before the start, Aug. 8, American support, IE had seized since June 9, large parts of the territory to the north, west and east of Baghdad, and had advanced to the autonomous region Kurdistan, before an impotent and outdated Kurdish forces Iraqi army. Born under a different name in 2004 in Iraq as the Iraqi branch of al-Qaida, the organization then cut ties with it after its military involvement in Syria in 2013 and has earned a reputation as bloodthirsty group engaged executions rape and persecution.
A video posted Tuesday on the Internet shows a man speaking English with a British accent masked and dressed in black, which seems to cut the throat of the journalist James Foley, who was kidnapped in November 2012 in Syria. It also shows another American journalist identified as Steven Sotloff, threatens to execute if President Barack Obama does not stop air strikes. The White House confirmed on Wednesday afternoon, the authenticity of this video.
Message to America
"We implore the kidnappers to spare the lives of other hostages. Like Jim, they are innocent. They have no power over the policies of the American government in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the world," said Diane Foley.
James Foley, who for 40 years was an experienced reporter, was covering the conflict in Libya before traveling to Syria to cover the rebellion against the regime of Bashar al-Assad for the GlobalPost news site American, Agence France press and other media. "We are horrified by spreading this video - that has not beeThe video, titled "Message to America"​​, was shot in a desert area without being able to know where. She was released after the statements of Mr. Obama stated intention "to pursue a long-term strategy" to fight against the AR. His French counterpart Francois Hollande has also announced in an interview with Le Monde, he would propose an "initiative" in September on the fight against the IE "which provides substantial funding and sophisticated weapons."n authenticated - and claim the murder of James Foley", said the CEO of AFP, Emmanuel Hoog.
Airstrike against jihadists
Field to the north and west of Baghdad, Iraqi forces backed by Shiite militias and Sunni tribes and the Peshmerga (Kurdish fighters), consolidated their positions after defeating the jihadists, but were stalled Wednesday. The forces involved to resume jihadists Tikrit, former stronghold of President Saddam Hussein overthrown and executed, have not yet been able to enter. The resumption of Mosul Dam, the largest in Iraq, constituted their main victory so far. According to Kurdish officials, an American air raid targeted a meeting Wednesday of Jihadists in a school near the dam area.
The jihadist offensive on the run hundreds of thousands of people, including members of the Christian and Kurdish-speaking Yazidi minority in the north. The exodus of minorities, many of whom have found refuge in the mountains of northern Kurdistan or even in camps on the Syrian border, caused a major humanitarian crisis. On Wednesday, the High Commissioner of the UN refugee launches one of its "most important support operations to help nearly half a million displaced" by air, land and sea.
The EI, which announced in late June the creation of an Islamic caliphate in areas it controls horse in Iraq and Syria, is composed of Sunni insurgents who initially fought against American and Iraqi forces in Iraq, but then managed to recruit thousands of Arab and foreign fighters

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