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lunedì 2 marzo 2015

Algeria is the only country that does not recognize the Algerian human rights ???

By Slimane MeLab,
Since the dawn of time I expected a gesture, a movement, an echo, a loud sound, a great roar of revolt, a wind of rebellion, rejection, a cry of despair, a general uprising in the country, for a total one stop (as had happened to France in 94) of all the functions of the State or private, which eventually will rebel to remove a disastrous life in which corruption and bribery have conquered all markets of Algeria.
A country is only redo the ambiguity of its history, invented by an unknown state, forcing the inhabitants of Algeria, the Berber natives to study another foreign language is Arabic, and the application of a single compulsory worship in the country precisely Islam.
Most Algerians, ie 80% of the population does not speak Arabic literary and not practice Islam, indeed many Berbers, have recently found their ancient religion in which they are reinstated, just Christianity. There are more than 3000 churches built in private. Although in Algeria, there is a lot of Berbers, have only one television channel in which you require programs that lead directly to nationalism and the protection of the false history of Algeria.
This state is so narrow that it can not understand that people are already divided by its forced union in 700 AD.
You must not continue to impose your false doctrine of a people that no longer believes, to have invented in any color so long since found other more lies in order to meet your nonsense that have lasted so long that the tightrope by Berbers came to the point.
How can we say ??? or express ourselves more clearly and transparent ??? We do not want any of you do your state or will your worship, much less your language. Obviously, this is called a forced love between the two peoples ???
They are safe and reliable, in one way or another, that this will happen !!! And no doubt the victory. All things return to their original places.
The South African Frederic De Klerk realized that sooner or later the country would be returned to its rightful owners, that is, the original and true, native to South Africa, precisely the blacks, in fact he had handed over the keys in the hands of Madiba, Nelson Mandela. This gesture was he had been recognized around the world with the Nobel Prize for Peace.
To President Bouteflika not interested in peace ... ???
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