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martedì 3 marzo 2015

American cars assembly in Algeria, Haddad group wants to work with Chrysler

The negotiations were held between the private group ETRHB Haddad and US Chrysler for the production of an assembly plant of the automaker in Algeria, said Monday in Algiers, the president of the United States-Algeria Business (USABC) Ismail Chikhoune.
After public works, hydraulics, railways, football stadiums, sports, media, oil and health, the group led by the current President of the Forum of Entrepreneurs Ali Haddad, ie wants to take another step that is going to invest in the automotive industry. And to do that, he chose one of the giants of the industry worldwide.

According Chikhoune that is expressed on the sidelines of a meeting of the Algerian-American Affairs in Algiers, the Algerian group intends to assemble cars Chrysler in Algeria and possibly their production if they can agree with the American producer.

Speaking at the meeting, the head of ETRHB Ali Haddad, and also president of Entrepreneurs Forum (FCE), said US companies that their presence at the meeting, dedicated to investment opportunities in Algeria, reflects "a common will to work together, build partnerships severe long-term and increase cooperation. "

However, he noted, "between Algeria and the United States, it is not acceptable that the partnership remains at the level it is now. We can go further, working with confidence."

To recap, the group Haddad announced the resumption of the import and distribution of this prestigious brand in Algeria, following the termination of the contract with MSG.
Montage de voitures américaines en Algérie, Le groupe Haddad veut s’associer à Chrysler

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