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giovedì 19 marzo 2015

Bouteflika says Tunisia !!!

Slimane Melab
Slimane Melab
On this track I think we, fight against terrorism is the goal of all people honest and faithful to tolerance, freedom of practice of various cults and especially the mutual respect of all.
The attack on the museum in Tunis is a work barbaric, monstrous and no historical and social values. The authors of this tragedy should be severely punished with the maximum penalty.
Supporting Tunisia is absolutely right, the state will have to work with the Algerian Tunisian authorities in order to finally peace and tranquility. They hit the heart of Tunisia, the first matter, the first wealth of the country which is based on tourism, the first source that offers greater economic opportunities for all Tunisians.
I would say that these people come from despair to eternal despair, instead of looking for the ways of success, most of these "jihadists", was shipwrecked in the infinite void of no return in order to do only harm to innocent people and unaware of their problems. It 'an unspeakable catastrophe of our time that we are doing more and suffer all our time reserving surprises and unexpected out of our programs. Some people pray to find work, health, friendship, luck, success, and there are those who pray in the name of God to kill human beings, themselves, the human race. their brothers and sisters.
The good always win over evil, we hope that it will be so again this time.
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Essebsi, the Tunisian president. Algerian President Bouteflika.

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