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sabato 7 marzo 2015

Human rights activists imprisoned in Laghouat (Algeria).

How sad !!! Here Islam in Algeria !!! A president that one side has planned the construction of a mosque in the world's highest, thanks to the money from the benefit of oil and other'Algeria and feel only the moans and groans of citizens trapped in prisons, without any right of defense ???
The thumbnails below clearly explain the attitude of a country that claims to be democratic and member of the United Nations, but that is a way excessive and dictatorial its citizens.
In Algeria, we find the same methods used by dictatorial Gaddafi in Libya, by Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt and not to mention the rest of the African continent.
The whole world is aware of the farce reconfirmation of the 4th mandate given to Bouteflika, but no one from the West opened his mouth to challenge the contrary, all the hypocrites who congratulated Bouteflika to victory with the help from the military.
Who ever would have had the courage to vote a man walking in a wheelchair ??? Obviously, when there are interests of the way, no one dares to challenge you. When someone eats on your shoulders, it is always silent.
Good luck Mr. Bouteflika and the next victory of 6 office ???

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