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sabato 4 aprile 2015

Algeria strongly condemns the terrorist attack on the University of Garissa in Kenya

Algeria has condemned "strongly" the terrorist attack on Thursday against a university campus Kenyan Garissa and killed nearly 150 innocent victims.
"This heinous act of terrorism that hit, this time, one of the temples of knowledge of Kenya, as well as the young people of peace that sister country, comes at a time when the wounds and sufferings of the center of the attack Westergate shops, since September 2013 have not yet been closed, and calls, once again, the international community on the need for collective action and decisively to address the scourge of terrorism that continues to take the scale in Africa ", said Friday in APS, the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).
"In these painful circumstances, Algeria has faced the horrors of terrorism, wishes to express its deepest condolences and unwavering solidarity with the people and the Government of the sister Republic of Kenya and to assure them its full support. You want also convey to the families of victims who express deep sympathy, "said the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry.
L’Algérie condamne fermement l’attaque terroriste contre l’université de Garissa au Kenya

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