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giovedì 16 aprile 2015

Saudi Arabia: Iranian pilgrims sexually assault by police officers.

Saudi authorities announced yesterday that the cases were brought against two police officers accused of sexual assault on Iranian pilgrims, a case that has sparked strong protests in Tehran.
The cases were initiated after April 8 for information on a matter of "sexual harassment suffered by two Iranian teenagers," said the spokesman for the Interior Ministry, quoted by the official SPA news. "The Iranian ambassador was informed of this approach," he said, noting that the laws in Saudi Arabia plans to "severe punishment" for this type of behavior. Iran announced on Monday the suspension of flights of its pilgrims in Saudi Arabia after an attempted sexual assault. According to Iranian media, two young pilgrims were victims of an attempted rape by two Saudi police at the airport in Jeddah (west), while they were to return to Iran's most days. This incident caused great excitement in Iran. Several hundred people demonstrated Saturday outside the embassy in Tehran Saudi. The case comes as the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia is at its peak because of the conflict in Yemen. Tehran, which supports Shiite Houthi rebels, denounced the strikes Saudis carried out against them.
Arabie Saoudite : des policiers agressent sexuellement des pèlerins iraniens

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