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venerdì 24 aprile 2015

Congratulations to the great Italian singer Gianni Morandi !!!!

Slimane MeLab,
Monsieur Gianni Morandi, chapeau !!! It takes courage, honesty, sincerity and above all the gratitude to all the countries that hosted the Italian migrants in the world. It's not been so far, even in the 70s, before it was born  Matteo Salvini, the Italian immigrants were leaving the ship from Genoa to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Belize, il.Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Canada, South Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia now divided into two states. Zimbabwe and Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Algeria, Egypt, France, Belgium. Germany, Holland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and etc .... Exactly Mr. great Italian singer Gianni Morandi has simply unsupported the.past life reality of his people, I personally do not see any shame of this wise statement ??? Indeed the worst is when someone thinks he is great in front of the small and small before the great. For now, Africans, Asians and South Americans are small and need, and saw that the wheel always turns in contrast, will come along well-being even in the land of those in need. The whole world is aware of the epics of Italian immigrants, as it will be more still with the loyalty and sincerity of a great singer as Gianni Morandi that the world will always remember. The lies and pride can not clear, let alone cover the long-term history of all human beings. Poor beings were not a shame, not admitting means ingratitude !!! Bravo Gianni Morandi !!!
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Gianni Morandi

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