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sabato 25 aprile 2015

At the center of numerous corruption scandals, Chakib Khelil refugee in Iran

Reliable source we learn that the former Minister of Energy and Mines, Chakib Khelil, settled for a time in Iran. E 'for "political asylum"? Yesterday, Tuesday, we took attacking the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Algiers. After noticing our question, was served to wait a "response after audit" to whom it may concern. A "response" we are still waiting ...
However, this new destination of those who, after Abdelmoumene Khalifa, is undoubtedly the man of any court Algerian wished he had in front of him, raises many questions. Chakib Khelil has decided to only take refuge in the land of the mullahs or she should do? This second hypothesis is more plausible that, especially since the "revolution" in Iran in 1979 and part of the brackets by 1992 because of the former FIS, Algeria is practically one of the few countries to have consistently maintained good relations with Tehran.

Many times Alger had to play the intermediaries between the Iranians and others: Americans hostage in Lebanon, Iraqis and other activities, whether public or private. Under Bouteflika, bilateral relations graze almost excellence with an intense exchange of official visits at all levels and perfect coordination in OPEC, particularly. This on the one hand. On the other hand, what with Abdelhamid Temmar Mourad Medelci and Abdelatif Benachenhou was rain or shine throughout the economic sphere of the country for a decade, has always been a pillar of the presidential circle. Just come to power in 1999, Abdelaziz Bouteflika Khelil reminded at his side. First as an adviser to the presidency in November before being appointed in his first government on 26 December 1999 as the all-powerful minister of Energy and Mines.

Childhood friend of Bouteflika, Chakib Khelil arrives at the head of this strategic sector almost simultaneously with the oil markets recovery providential unprecedented and lasting world hit.

For more than a decade in which Chakib Khelil rule over the area, the price per barrel has consistently reached dizzying heights, to the point of reaching $ 140. Dollars rained, and Sonatrach will experience an extraordinary boom that naturally appeal at the same time, considerable investments. Mainly foreigners.

Sonelgaz will also offer an Eldorado for foreign investors, in addition to the gigantic program of twelve desalination of seawater that Chakib Khelil was also responsible. In absolute terms, nothing wrong. Now, in addition to its proximity to Bouteflika, Chakib Khelil was another less "innocent" with that of American oil companies. And it was already almost fatal in Algeria in 2003.

To everyone's surprise, the duo Khelil Bouteflika-imposed new hydrocarbon law that suicide raise national sovereignty including national reserves. A law which, thankfully, ended up being canceled by a new, approved in 2004 against corruption gangrènera sector will prove so immense that there will be an unprecedented series of scandals in the history of the country.

First the story BRC in 2008 and business Sonatrach 1 and 2 Sonatrach to mention only the most colossal. One morning in December 2009, the Algerians learn with astonishment that the main leaders of the giant Sonatrach, its President and CEO at the head, were arrested during the night. The anti-corruption department of the security services conducted a thorough investigation that led to dismantle the real "network." For procedural reasons, Minister Chakib Khelil only acting, therefore, will not be concerned about that day. For this it was necessary to secure agreement and approval by Bouteflika. But, surprising as it may seem, it is eclipsed .... For weeks, the man was simply "disappeared": no activity, no pictures, no nothing! And redo "surface", in the form of a real stage where Zinedine Zidane and his family participate without their knowledge. And yet, Bouteflika appeared that day to deny that a voice fool it. It was not until the end of May 2010 to resume when Bouteflika actually conduct an extensive government reshuffle.

Chakib Khelil forced limogera government. However, it will never give up! Even an international arrest warrant issued in August, 2013, the Attorney General at the Court of Algiers against former Minister of Energy will soon be "buried" in a jungle procedures that only a judge has the secret
Au coeur de plusieurs scandales de corruption, Chakib Khelil réfugié en Iran

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