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martedì 19 maggio 2015

Bejaia: A teacher has made to strip her student in the classroom in front of his comrades by putting a picture of a donkey on his face!

Osama's father filed a complaint against a teacher in primary school "Azzoug" City Bgayet humiliation of his 7 year old son, having stripped in front of colleagues, even worse, the instructor put a mask of a ass on the face of Osama.
The facts that in October, he was told by Osama care to write Echorouk.
The instructor who knew that his pupil was suffering convulsions, took him to another class where there is another accomplice teacher, undresses and puts on a mask of a donkey on his face as he looks and laughs his colleagues .
This extravagant hazing left with deep psychological imbalance Ossama according to his family, who changed his school on the advice of his doctors.
Despite the seriousness of this act, management training Bgayet has not seen appropriate to take disciplinary measures after the request made by the parents of the child attacked what prompted them to move towards justice.
Answering the question of Echorouk corresponding Osama wants to return to his old school and that the two teachers to leave.
Béjaia : Une enseignante déshabille son élève et met un masque d’un âne sur son visage en plein classe !

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