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lunedì 18 maggio 2015

The Great Mosque of Algiers will cost the equivalent of 20 hospitals

The gigantic project of head of state - to build the largest mosque in the Islamic world - is progressing slowly but surely. According to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Abdelmajid Tebboune, work is advanced up to 54% and at the end of the project, after a year and a half late, is scheduled for September 2016, indicates the APS.
Progress was only 18% a couple of months. And 'through a strengthening of the serious work the pace of work has accelerated. The number of workers increased from almost 1,000 workers in January to 1,600 workers in March.
For his part, the Minister of Religious Affairs, Mohamed Aissa, said that this project was a great achievement in the history of independent Algeria and the Muslim world, reports the APS. He said in this context that a joint commission (which includes the Ministries of Religious Affairs and Housing) will meet this weekend to choose the verses of the Quran, hadith and sculptures that decorate the building in full compliance with guidance of the President of the Republic , which requires that the institution has a stamp inspired by the Maghreb Arab-Andalusian.
Pharaohs, the Great Mosque of Algiers also costs a fortune. Taboo subject, especially given the delays (at extra cost), the total amount of the costs would exceed the billion and could be around 1.2 billion €. The Great Mosque of Algiers, will cover more than 20 hectares and offers a prayer room of about 20 000 m2. The minaret will rise to 270 m., Etc.
For information or a reminder, the budget of the Ministry of Health in Algeria is 370 billion dinars (PLF 2014). The Great Mosque of Algiers alone will cost more than 130 billion dinars, or one third of the budget of any health in our country ... About 1 billion, is also at least 20 hospitals of $ 50 million (the average cost of a hospital in Algeria 50 to 100 million euro).
La grande mosquée d’Alger coûtera l’équivalent de 20 hôpitaux

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