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domenica 31 maggio 2015

The CCTA wrote to the Ambassador of Algeria in France, on the documents needed to return to Algeria

Ambassador of Algeria in France, a fellow there has been asked about the documents required to be submitted to visit Algeria. Unfortunately, the answer is surprising. In its reply, the Algerian residents traveling from France to Algeria, should necessarily have two:
- An Algerian passport and a residence permit or a national identity card French:

O - a French passport with an entry visa on the Algerian territory, issued by the consulate of the place of residence.

The question that arises is: why can enter France with Algerian passport and a French identity. However, you can not enter Algeria with a French passport and a piece of Algerian identity?

This reminds us of the 'entrance to the Hammam is not saying how his exit. "Know that the Algerian consulates in France have been exceeded, or even overwhelmed, with the request of Algerian nationals, including renewals of biometric passports.

Some consuls, not because of poor management or a lack of professionalism, the problem stems from rather "small area of ​​the consulates" and "lack of civility of Algerian citizens." These same Algerian folders Prefecture, City Hall, CAF, etc ... But they never had to get up very early to take a document, and yet some of these French institutions give their money.

We are in 2014, when the French various documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) via the Internet and receive them by mail at home, the Japanese have developed terminals passport issuing, while Algerians are lining up to 04h to morning and spend all day Saturday at the consulate to get a simple document ...

Across the street, our administration is visibly faithful to the practices of Souk El-Felah years. We invite you and one of the journalists "all is well" Canal Algeria, for a ride on a Saturday at 04h in the morning to the consulate in Paris, Bobigny, Vitry-sur-Seine, etc. to see for yourself that galèrent Algerian in the City of Light!

For example: Consulate Paris:

Consulate of Nanterre:

Consulate Bobigny

Consulate of Vitry:

What do you expect to find radical and sustainable solutions to this problem and other problems of the Algerian community?

If consuls Algerian officials and their "imported" from Algeria, are unable to perform their duties, delegate the task to the Algerian exiles frames / foreign born, unless you book only for football? And if you prefer the foreign labor, they bring Chinese consuls or better Japanese or German, known for their rigor and professionalism.

Take-mail to request to give, once again, the list of seven demands urgent diaspora Algerian Minister of Transport, Mr. Amar Ghoul.

Awaiting your response, please accept, Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration. A copy sent to: - Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs - Deputies Algerians - Media,
Le CCTA écrit à M. l’Ambassadeur d’Algérie en France, au sujet des documents à présenter pour rentrer en Algérie

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