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giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Said Bouteflika is facing a political dilemma

Said Bouteflika, brother-adviser to the head of the state is faced with a choice to say the least problematic: you have to decide and say, public or a closed circle, if he wants to succeed his brother as president of the Republic, or No.
Knowing that time is not in his favor, he would like to end the suspense by announcing his intention to run for the office of President of the Republic, but also knowing that could put fire to the powder named with that spark dynastic succession, man , who is known for his excessive taste for power, procrastinate. It still has a little 'room for maneuver, and hopes to build on its strategy to further refine including, inter alia by balloons interposed.

Bouteflika said he already sent his first balloons. Louisa Hanoune and Amar Saadani, as self-styled spokesman announced us, in fact, that Said Bouteflika has no plans to succeed his brother's palace and mouradia, that's not true, of course, the goal is to make these statements before banal discussion on 'argument. The rest will come.

The easiest way of Said Bouteflika became president in place of the President, everybody knows that. Just create in the future constitution as vice president with a mission to deal with any power vacuum. Abdelaziz Bouteflika appoints his brother said in this post, and voila!

But then, things will not be so easy as that. Portions lurking in the shadows for the most part, have been shown to still have the ability to harm and to defeat this project. When Amar Saadani said, it annoyed that blocks opposition to the revision of the Constitution, you know who's talking.

Bouteflika must bite the fingers. He has had two opportunities to slip into the constitution a clause that would make his brother said the vice president unopposed, but he did not. It's never too late to resume; certainly, but now everyone is watching, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to swallow another snake this size.

But everything is possible in politics, said Bouteflika does not despair of one day succeed his brother to the post of chief magistrate of the country. The balloons sent at least shows that the man has retained his ambitions. He continues his time? Louisa Hanoune, otherwise Amar Saadani, will tell us when the time comes. Wait and see!
Saïd Bouteflika face à un dilemme politique

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