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sabato 28 giugno 2014

Algeria 32 years after the World Cup of 1982 in Spain.

By Slimane Melab,
It was in 1982 when he landed Algeria in the World Cup of 1982 in Spain. In that year I remember very well as today, Algeria had two prominent players who had begun to write the history of Algerian football. In Effects Rabah Madjer (the heel of Allah) and Lakhdar Belloumi were of a different generation with a very different style of game that would look like a game to Brazil.
Algeria faced the Rummenighe and Breitner of Germany and won 2-1 with goals just Madjer and Belloumi for Algeria and Rummenighe for Germany. Put the poor Algerian national in 1982 was considered the strongest of the century or even the strongest ever, it was a full squadron in all roles, had also won 3-2 against Chile and lost with a resounding 2-0 against Austria which combined a draw with Germany to eliminate the Berbers of Algeria.
Look at the case, after 32 years, we still find ourselves in front of this great national boasting a resume of all respect. Germany went 6 times in the final of the world cup winning 3. Brazil is the only nation to win the final by winning 7 5. Italy is like Germany, arrived in 6 finals and won 4.
I wonder if the Berbers of Algeria will be able to win again against this great opponent of excellent football?? Algeria has made ​​in this world and and suffered 6 goals and 4 passes in the second round, and while in 1982, he immediately made ​​5 goals and 3 and was eliminated unfairly.
They are two different eras and two different continents, a football all the Anglo-Saxon and one Algerian, a mixture of French-Italian-Spanish-Portuguese coach .... more from Bosnia, as a Russian salad.
May the best win and this time without tricks and aids.
Honestly, it is a great shame not to see Italy and Spain among the semi-finalists, it would be a very difficult fight. Brazil and Argentina will have less formidable opponents??
However, all the teams that have come up in the second round are to be respected and the Cinderellas are now processed and are slowly coming out of the big surprised.
National of Algeria.                     National of Germany.

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