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sabato 14 giugno 2014

The collapse of Spain against the Netherlands in the World Cup 2014.

The sexy female fans in the Netherlands
.Slimane Melab
Slimane Melab,
Honestly, I had already guessed, in fact I was convinced of the victory over Spain Holland. If you remember the final of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, it was over right between the Netherlands and Spain won 1-0. To tell the truth, the Netherlands also on this occasion fully deserved to win even though it was really quite unfortunate. Even lost three finals of the world cup. This year, Spain's Del Bosque is at the limit of its well-known game. The collapse of Barcelona had a great influence on the rest of the team. You have to admit the superiority of Holland on Spain that was ridiculed by a score of 5-1 and could go even further. After the victory of Brazil, the controversy over the penalty in favor of the Seleçao But seriously speaking Croatia has not been able to score a single goal and saw what the advantage Croatian was an own goal from Marcelo. In fact, Brazil has scored 4 goals. Arbitrage aside, I've done something to deserve Croatia?? Neymar was deadly and driver of his team and has proven to be a real champion. Waiting for the Azzurri Prandelli and wishing him an excellent start to the world championship and a huge Forza Azzurri: A warm welcome to all athletes of Italy and the world.

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