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mercoledì 25 giugno 2014

Spain and Italy out of the World cup 2014!!!!!!

Slimane MELAB
Losing hurts a lot to anyone who has a heart. Italians do not want to admit to losing to an opponent in front of a very good standard of football such as Costa Rica and a tough and stubborn as the customer master Tabarez of Uruguay. Sometimes it is better to let go of the memories of the past to do well tomorrow. The past had its men, its time with its climate and especially its history that is completely different from the present that we live. I noticed that all the great nations believe much unbeatable, based on the results from the past made by other players and especially Italy which does not accept defeat even if he loses to a 4-0.
Nowadays, football has evolved on all aspects of physiological and technical factor is the investment and experience. These are elements that are acquired by playing engaging and always at the most.
I think Italy John Prandelli has not done anything special to move forward, despite having a history of football optimal past, the Azzurri looked tired before entering the field, yet they have been busy singing the hymn with dynamism and enthusiasm to the end. A large number of nationalists like to sing the national anthem they see as a patriotic symbol, however, that has nothing to do in football. Who does not sing does not mean you can not play football.
In football you have to get your feet very good and the very brain up with all the intelligence combines the player to make a single field use.
The failure of Spain is on the old game: Tiki Taka who had now come to an end. Del Bosque, had to invent some other scheme to defend his title. England, all the world is listed bookmakers but then it always ends badly the world.
With regard to Italy, the country of wonders, the sympathy, the beautiful country, good people, the great food, fashion, development, light industry and heavy infrastructure optimum of complex high-quality sports . All in all, the national team had to go to the max??
No and no, the group was not at all compact and united, all smoke and no fire, we were all deluded. I think the mistake and both the coach and then the players:
First of all, I think Balotelli, an icon of gossip, web and great public figure through his private affairs, the media have turned up at the stars, it was never really his place, someone is allowed to try to bet on this young and promising results which would bring? It reminds me of the movie Christmas Dayn Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy, is just as Eddy Murphy Poodle crook in charge of a company. Eddie Murphy was able to play much his new business, but Balotelli was not even able to assert himself as a player. Italy did get very high, many players dream of embracing the blue shirt at least once. He, Mario Balotelli had not even tried to invent a single action. What is the sample?? and for what?? Ah! Dell'estravaganza??
As for the other players, there was nothing to say, they have not done their job properly.
John Prandelli, Mario Balotelli had to leave home and take El Sharawi that would have given a strong hand to the blue team. Osvaldo had a great season and had to play.
However, it is for the federation to decide on the next new staff.
I would add that it is always better to start from humble to do well, that's best for making fool.

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