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sabato 14 giugno 2014

Lay Islamists, Republicans and Democrats meet in Zeralda: The great bulk of the opposition

According Algérie,
There are several current opposition now grouped in the hotel Mazafran more differences than similarities.
The results of the largest opposition meeting that brings together today, in all its colors and trends in the hotel Mazafran are eagerly awaited. Opposition parties composed boycotters elections in April, 2014, the former presidential candidate in 1999, 2004 and 2014 and the leading figures in the political scene.
Unprecedented meeting that brings together for the first time under the same tent, and around the same table, Islamists, democrats, republicans, conservatives and laity. Rivals yesterday, today, political opponents, these parties and personalities have decided, by mutual agreement, to bury the hatchet and put aside their prejudices and policies to meet and discuss for a noble cause of politics: democratic change and the consecration of political freedoms and constitutional.
This is the first time since the advent of democracy that the opposition is also welded in its contours. Who could have imagined seeing a day sitting at the same table, the FFS and RCD, even while the crisis in Kabylie and the Berber Spring has not succeeded in bringing together for the same cause? Who would have thought one days sitting at the same table, former executives of the former FIS face former head of the government that called for dissolving the Islamist party won the 1991 parliamentary? For many observers, the results of this important meeting are both expected by the organizers and the participants themselves.
It must be said that the opposition has always been incomplete in his actions. 25 years of democracy, the opposition came together under the banner: Islamic, democratic and republican only twice in its history: during the summit in Rome on the initiative of the Catholic community of Sant'Egidio in January 1995.
At the moment, eight parties who spoke at the parliamentary elections in 1991 met Ahmed Ben Bella, President of MDA, Hocine Aït Ahmed, chairman of the SBB, Abdelhamid Mehri, secretary general of the FLN, Anouar Haddam, Head FIS Parliamentary Delegation abroad, Mahfoud Nahnah, leader of the MSP, Abdallah Djaballah, president of Ennahda, Louisa Hanoune, spokesman for the Workers' Party, Noureddine Boukrouh, president of PRA and Ali Yahia Abdennour, head of the Algerian Human Rights Defence League (LADDH).
Although this meeting was very badly received by the Algiers has been criticized in particular the opposition for having organized this meeting abroad, in full debate on "who-killed-who" and questioning the judgment of the electoral process. But now the political and security context is totally different.
Algeria has far exceeded the cap of the security crisis, the opposition is allowed to meet him even if it is allowed to do steps. For the test, the opposition met again almost 10 years after Sant'Egidio in March 2014 an important meeting of the parties requesting the boycott room Harsha during the election campaign. For the first time, RCD, MSP, Ennahda, Djaballah Benbitour and Jil Jadid, gave the word to the front against the president. That day, even Ali Belhadj former number two of the ex-FIS was present with his fans, stealing the spotlight with headliners this exciting medium.
But despite the failure of their actions during the presidential elections, the opposition front is not broken or dislocated, against all odds, has been extended to other current and other personalities. Which was considered by some political analysts as a rare event in Arab democracy. Often, in the Arab countries and the opposition in Africa is rolled up and divided by the attempts of destabilization external or internal, but where the regime has left the field open for the opposition to come together and express themselves in all the trends.
It remains to be seen whether this opposition will come out with a wider project seriously. Since the biggest concern of the organizers of this meeting, this is what you reap the benefits of this important gathering of the opposition. Because there are more differences than similarities between the different currents that drive this movement. The presence of some elements of the former FIS, former heads of government ambitions excursions as Sid Ahmed Taleb Ibrahimi Ghozali and Mokdad SIFI or are not at the same level of political ambition Ali Benflis, an d Mouloud Hamrouche. In addition, SBB his weight on the political scene has not left the field of action RCD MSP or even if this meeting leads to concrete actions that will get things moving.
Knowing that, although this opposition "sacred union" leads to an important general statement that requires a genuine political transition with a call for radical revision of the Constitution. It 's almost impossible to take the project from the government. And 'firmly supported the parties of the presidential majority who do not want to be left in the political field. They will be helped in their work by an opponent dimension, Louisa Hanoune.
Islamistes, laics, républicains et democrates se rencontrent à zéralda : La grande messe de l’opposition

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