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giovedì 2 luglio 2015

Algeria risk of disorders such as those of 1988?

Louisa Hanoune, the owner of PT, warns against the risk of unrest within the country due to a policy of austerity that the government, he said, the preparation under the supplementary budget law.
According to her, a policy of excessive strictness would lead to problems similar to those of 1988, for example, and cause unpredictable scenarios. He would read Daech in Algeria.

For the internal danger will open the door to the external threat that dominates the country, insisted Louisa Hanoune. Even President Bouteflika, has so far spared, no longer finds favor in his eyes: "We have, for 10 years, has attracted the attention of President Bouteflika on the need to move towards deeper reforms.

What had come to accept and announce in 2011 and solemnly reaffirm their commitment to the ceremony of swearing after his election for a fourth term. But so far, nothing is done, "laments the leader of the PT that falls, however, the proportions taken by the phenomenal corruption.

The country is floundering in scandal scandal. Decidedly, Algeria has struggled to separate cases of fraud and scams that plague the economy and the administration.

Since the early 2000s, the country is trying to break the record of scandals. In 15 years of fighting for the advent of an economic policy based on free enterprise, Algeria is far from perceiving the end of the tunnel.

Even more good will have looked, unsuccessfully, to the bedside of a country that has become a textbook case, not only in the sub-region of the Maghreb, but throughout Africa.

With its countless treasures, the country is still in a drip.

Whose fault is it? The top policy makers and experts then have not found the right formula to guarantee the country among the emerging countries. To date, the country imports all; Algeria, which continues to buy abroad of capital goods, food and medicines, in particular, has so far evaluated the total imports to 65 billion dollars for 2015.

And the government plans to increase fuel prices, with the creation of a multi-level system, the electricity, the new taxes on high powered vehicle, on alcohol and tobacco ... Meanwhile, the Algerian authorities promised to strengthen the fight against corruption, the informal trade and the illegal transfer of foreign currency.

Algeria has had 300,000 importers in 2012 on 760,000 companies listed. After a dark decade of civil war and severe economic crisis in 1990, Algeria has recovered thanks to higher oil prices in the early 2000s.

The debt, estimated at $ 30 billion at the end of 1990, has been fully repaid.

The government plans a tax amnesty plan to absorb this liquidity. This plan should allow companies and individuals to regularize their situation and encourage them to invest their assets in banks.
L’Algérie risque-t-elle des troubles comme ceux de 1988 ?

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