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martedì 7 luglio 2015

Algerian and Ramadan, "Be careful, I fast!"

The month of Ramadan is a special month for Algerians
In the markets, buses, on the streets, within the family, there is no space in which the "default" of Algerians is not expressed.

Readily attributed to Algerians some flaws "collective" that distinguish them from other peoples of the world. The warm-blooded, nervousness in it. And when it comes the holy month of Ramadan, are the Algerians themselves who are aware of "the extent of the damage."
In the markets, buses, on the streets, within the family, in short, there is no space in which the "default" of Algerians is not expressed. It is Ramadan so the author's soul Algerian or doing too much? sociologists have their own interpretation of the phenomenon of the emotions of fasting during the holy month. This can be a particular character trait for the company, but the pressures, political, administrative and social circumstances of everyday life conditioning social behavior of individuals.
Under the same conditions, so the Algerians would develop the same reactions? E 'for quite a few choices "courageous" highest authorities in the fight against bureaucracy and improve public transport for the Algerian change behavior? The answer could be positive to see the attitude of our compatriots in the countries socially better organized. "When an individual knows his place and mission in society, conforms to the rules," they say many people do not go to rail against the markets and the parking anarchy.
But then, it often happens that foreigners are a bit 'nervous Algerians at the edge with a notch higher in the scale of nervousness during the holy month.
Although sociobiology is not an exact science, there is no denying industry experts, for the simple reason that in 53 years of independence, the country runs almost as fast especially during the month of Ramadan.
The Algerian could be an individual as another under pressure we would not find anywhere else. Then why especially during the holy month that this "defect" takes this magnitude. The explanation can be scientific.
The words of a neurologist are instructive in this regard. This is not so much hunger that gnaws meninges Algerians, but the withdrawal of certain products addictive imposed fasting

In fact, according to neurologists who practice an exact science, the addiction to nicotine and caffeine it is the main fault and explains to a large extent, certain attitudes during the holy month. So it's a story chemistry and biology.
Only it does not justify, in the eyes of religion, an individual can lose your temper for a yes or a no. Imam who could accept the explanations sociologists and neurologists believe that the human soul is to be able to excel and it is precisely for this purpose that Ramadan has been imposed on the Muslim world. E 'primarily a spiritual exercise that must transcend the social and physiological.
Until the imam can convince their world, are the owners of companies that are faced with the harsh reality of Ramadhan.
A boss who sees his productivity dropped noticeably with the key to the electricity in the air throughout the day, is not a happy businessman. He does not try to explain the phenomenon, he just suffers. Finally, the state of mind of Algerians during Ramadan is a real object of study.
This is why we dedicate an entire folder with the key, the point of view of an imam, a sociologist, a neurologist and an entrepreneur. And to finish, our reporter went to hear from the citizens themselves.
Les algériens et le ramadhan, « Attention, je jeûne! »

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