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sabato 4 luglio 2015

ORAN: Strong flow of asylum visa for France

At the beginning of July heatwave, and right Ramadhan, a strong influx of Algerian visa applicants to travel this summer in the French Republic and to Italy. Thanks to bilateral agreements between the two countries of the European Union, a merger of the two seats was possible within the offices of the private French company TLS contact, located in downtown Oran.
Thursday morning, July 2, 2015, a sizeable influx was observed visually from 9:00 to Oran edge of a large building dating from the colonial era. The doors of the above organization were open to many Algerians 8:30 to citizens wishing to apply for a visa to enter France for (short-stay visa, tourist, business, medical, long study visit, etc. ) These citizens had taken care to validate their applications on the site TLS CONTACT single platform dedicated to this administrative process, months before to set the date of appointment of the subcontractor of the Consulate General of France in Oran. Once the request is made online convening the meeting must be printed and presented to the employee responsible for processing visa applications files. The remarkable fact on site is the perfect organization and management of the influx whose reception is quickly and benevolence. An impression confirmed by visa applicants interviewed by the Reflection paper on this subject, which we confirmed the good organization inside the visa application processing offices; "We plan me and my husband spent a month in France, and we are here today to drop the visa application, inside it's going fast," said a lady met at the exit of the approved establishment by the Consulate of France in Oran, which despite waiting on the few chairs, the procedure lasts barely 30 minutes, unlike previous years when the process sometimes took up to half a day or more. Only drawback of this system is that once the center of the front gate, a sign announces the new arrivals, it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones and other electronic devices and finds himself unprepared especially those who were not supported.
ORAN : Forte affluence des demandeurs de visa pour la France

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