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sabato 4 luglio 2015

Morocco is well ahead of Algeria

Purchases of weapons of Algeria to France during the last four years are estimated at 273.5 million euros, according to a report by the French National Assembly resumed the Algeria1 news site.
According to the document revealed on Thursday, Algeria lags behind its western neighbor, Morocco that was provided by France during the same reference period (2010-2014) to EUR 723.4 million in armament.
The report of the French Parliament on arms sales comes as information flows around a probable acquisition agreement by Algeria of French authors type Rafale.
Some observers link even the last visit of French President Francois Hollande in Algiers, the last mid-June, forcing the French to provide the Algerian army in Rafale, according to the same media source. The main supplier of the Algerian army remains Russia, with contracts that are around $ 1.65 billion in 2014.
According to the same report, Saudi Arabia remains one of the largest clients of French arms with contracts of $ 12 billion, followed by Brazil and India with $ 6 billion still in the same period. The European Multi-Mission Frigate Mohammed VI is one of the latest acquisitions of Morocco to France.
The Moroccan army received this warship, which cost € 470 million in January 2014. According to the annual report of the Research Institute for Peace in Stockholm (SIPRI) for 2010-2014, Algeria arrived during this period, first on the African ranking of the largest arms-importing countries. It absorbed 30% of the weapons sold in Africa. The Morocco comes just after her with the acquisition of 26% of volumes sold weapons on the continent.
According to SIPRI, weapons imports in Morocco have increased in value more than 11 times during the period 2010-2014, compared to 2005-2009. The larger Algerian imports financials, increased by 3% compared to the previous period. The most important suppliers of Morocco armaments were, in order, France, the USA and Germany.
In addition, a report by Strategic Defense Intelligence, information site specializing in the arms market, states that Morocco's defense spending will grow by an average of 8.82% annually over the period 2015-2019. Morocco should spend as much as $ 22.2 billion (220.8 billion dirhams) during this period, says Strategic Defense Intelligence.
According to information from Strategic Defense Intelligence, spending priorities identified by the Moroccan Staff concerning aircraft maintenance and purchase of monitoring equipment and equipment for its submarine vessels. Furthermore, the Moroccan army would strengthen its remote projection capabilities.
Finally, note that the index 2015 specialized site Global Firepower up the Moroccan army in 49th among the world's armed forces. This is an increase compared to the 2014 Index of Global Firepower which placed the Moroccan army in the 65th place worldwide.
Le Maroc devance largement l’Algérie

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