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martedì 25 giugno 2013

Balotelli, Mario goodbye Brazil disappointed: "I feel like a loser" and Italy is in Group churrascaria

And 'why not?? Gilardino is a great player who deserves his respect. In my opinion it is not less than Balotelli. This is only annalisi different. Do you remember the Italian national team at the World Championships in Spain 82? Paolo Rossi was not previously in the choices of the deceased coach Enzo Bearzot, had been called further and as a result we all saw what combined against all the big teams. Have faith in Gilardino that basically is still young to do better. Italy has all the means to deal with any team. You have to give more confidence to these guys and consider the undeserved defeat against Brazil as a hiccup. Forza Azzurri Prandelli.

Alberto Gilardino .      Mario Balotelli with his girlfriend Fanny .

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