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domenica 30 giugno 2013

Inter Milan. Moratti: "Thohir? As a fan, but I believe we are far from the definition"

Regardless of the entry of Indonesian tycoon in society Nero d'Azur, the market does not promise a big change regarding purchases. To compete with larger, it would take at least 2 or 3 players out of class. In my opinion the company is still struggling to stand still at least a year or two before venturing in purchasing hyperbolic high-level players as the likes of Ronaldo, Tevez, Neymar or otherwise. We'll definitely see a semi new team with the other objectives. Maybe with the entry of Indonesian happen a change? Everything will depend on the president Moratti. For the moment, the company is experiencing a blue black "top secret" on the stock market. It takes a little more patience.
Massimo Moratti, presidente dell'Inter. LaPresse
The president of Inter club , Massimo Moratti.

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