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lunedì 17 giugno 2013

Extension to the Great Mosque in Mecca, the pilgrimage with the employment relationship: a history of money?

In the Koran it is written: "Who can afford to go to Mecca for the pilgrimage" I think it made ​​references to health but not about money, because God did not need the money, that is a human invention. The first human dictionaries have misunderstood. The pilgrimage should be within the reach of all Muslims and all Muslims around the world and not just for people who have economic opportunities.
As long as the Saudis have a great wealth luck, then why not give free access to personally welcome to all the pilgrims of the whole world?
The Koran and like all the other holy books were free but the man becoming more and use them to pay.
I thought for a long time to write fair and strong opinions that might call into question all religions, but then I gave up thinking.
Everything is a matter of business. (Wake up), wake up - and do not pay attention to the charlatans that fills the skull of crap. God is in your heart and you can pray without having to go to a place ((holy)) with money.
Travaux d’extension à la grande mosquée de la Mecque,Report du Hadj: une histoire d’argent?
The Mecca !!!

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