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lunedì 17 giugno 2013

False debate and doubt about the "HALAL" microcredit, the state gives way to the Islamists

Honestly I have not read the whole article. The title is enough to draw a conclusion. In my opinion, you should never mix religion and business. When you apply for a credit should rightly be returned with an interest in logical and beneficial to both parties.
   In the 80's the Prime Minister (Chairman of the Board) Bettino Craxi began distributing funds to those who had the good projects for the economic development of the country. Italy had already experienced poverty during the Second World War and was immediately transformed into different sectors of heavy industry to the Light. So, while its economy has grown at an excess of a gallop until they occupied the first place in the world market of fashion, sports, classic clothing, cosmetics, but also in the construction industry and building car .
I would like to stress once again the division of the two subjects, namely religion and work. The confusion is serious and creates even losses. Money is invented by man and should be managed by humans. I do not understand why you should always call to religion? This question is not only an education, and certainly a basic requirement?
Today, the religions are exceeded. The human sciences would never reach the current level, if you apply the laws of religions around the world?
Enough of the waffle and think about the future without putting complicity always that the creator has nothing to do with the rot of human beings.
Everyone is free to pray as he wants and what he believes. No one should force another to follow his convictions. The obligation is a big crime! Algeria is a multi-ethnic country, and it is right that we respect all religions, atheists, agnostics, etc. ..
Only Halal !!!

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