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domenica 22 febbraio 2015

Algeria, the land of peace for Refugees Egyptians

According to "Algérie"
The number of refugees continues to grow in Algeria. In 2013, there were more than 35 000 Nigerians, Malians, and Syrian. These alone account for more than 30 000. Today is Egyptian in addition to the list.
Hundreds of Egyptian citizens were in Algeria, fleeing insecurity in Libya, especially after the execution of 21 Egyptian Copts by terrorists of the Islamic State (EI). These Egyptians, many of whom are masons and laborers, have chosen Algeria to settle in search of a better life. Among them, many have chosen Boufarik where entire families have found refuge in houses rented by the Algerians. Dozens of them arrive in the early morning the plot that is common to look for work.
When asked, they explained that they joined the Algerian territory on the ground, in particular through the Algerian-Libyan border, but closed due to the instability of the area. They were forced to leave Libya after the rise of terrorist groups, but especially after the barbaric execution of 21 Egyptians. And already massive flow of Egyptian citizens, plus thousands of war refugees in Algeria. Today, several thousand Syrians, Malians and Nigerians there, especially in the refugee camps of the border, but also in cities.
Most of the refugees through the streets of the capital, while others have rented apartments. In the town of Bouzareah, dozens of Syrian families have rented houses settle families. According to their statements, they pay a sum of 2,500 dinars per month. Railway stations in urban stations in the center of Algiers, in trams in the capital and throughout the city, the refugees, the family huddled around Algiers in search of food and money. The sad scenes.
Yesterday, a Syrian refugee families in Port Said Square in central Algiers, have sought the help of passers-by. Venus Tartous where the fighting is intense between the Syrian army and rebels, Syrian, whose number is increasing, and invaded Algiers mosques. The father of this family, Hannah Abdoussalam Mahmoud, said their suffering and how he and his family, as well as many others, has won Algiers. "We are from Tartous, a coastal town 160 km from the capital Damascus.
In this city, the anti-Assad protests began in 2011, between late April and early May. Today, the fight raged between the Syrian army and armed groups and the army explaining free ", reported yesterday the father, crying on the current situation of his family, his country and his family. The man does not know what to do , is responsible for five people and must support themselves.
The square has become a space of Syrians who saved the skin and has won Algiers by sea, but at what price! "I paid a huge saving my children and my wife. I can not say how, but tens of thousands of books I've paid to get in Algeria after a stop in Egypt and Libya," said the father. This dramatic situation of the Syrians, who still does not have the status of refugees, has generated so far, no official response from our leaders. Meanwhile, living on the charity of Algerian nationals.
A Birkhadem, Syrians took to the mosques; El Biar, are the stores that are their goal. There, according to several witnesses, the Syrians, the majority of women, spoke of shop owners to help them survive. "Women with documents and passports, they asked the customers and give them to the owner of the money," you told us.
The sad scenes
In addition to the Syrians, other refugees from Mali and Nigeria, thousands, invaded the borders and the Algerian cities. Sub-Saharan refugees busy roads, railway stations and other public places in different cities, creating, thus, an anarchy in the urban areas.
The Algerian government has promised to support them in the coming days, according to the Minister of Solidarity. However, between the promise and the reality on the ground, there is a difference in size, many refugees are left to their fate. Railway stations, hundreds of Malians and Nigerians are begging passing commuter train. Children, in particular, the trains plying to beg. Train Station Aga in Algiers is a case of blatant figure. Dozens of refugees go there early in the morning to start a new day of begging.
Bogus refugees Alert
Riding the wave of refugees that falls on Algeria in 2011, more and more sub-Saharan Africans trying to sneak it. In fact, dozens of bogus refugees have been arrested in recent months as a result of inspections carried out by the security services by the Malian-Algerian border, security sources we learn. The final decision was made a few days ago, when police arrested a citizen of Ghana with a certificate fake refugee. The alarming situation facing Algeria-Mali border for weeks, after the foreign intervention in Mali, seems to play against Algeria.
Worse, the recent clashes between the Malian army and the rebel MNLA have pushed some 18,000 Malians to leave the city of Kidal and many of them have won the Algerian border, including Timiaouine and Tinzaouatine (Bordj Badji Mokhtar). Today, the spectrum of refugees false flat country. Several security sources, there are already dozens of fake refugees arrested Algerian-Malian border.
These, Ghanaians, Malians, Nigerians and the Mauritanians who have a refugee certificate fake, tried to win the Algerian territory, such as the French army began its incursions in Kidal. The same sources also added that currently the investigations are initiated to identify the Africans arrested, in particular the possibility that terrorists are among them. Everyone knows that the attempts by groups affiliated with AQIM and Ansar Dine Mujao trying to infiltrate into the ground Algerian using false identities, but also trying to pass for refugees fleeing the strikes of the French army.
In the face of this danger, "waiting", the Algerian authorities have decided to strengthen its military presence, not only to deal with possible terrorist attacks, but also to make the identification of many refugees fleeing the city of Mali to the south of Algeria. More than 2,800 Africans were transformed border in 2013 because they had used false passports to Mali in this country. The Malian passport counterfeiting is now the "sesame" for thousands of Africans who want to bring in Algeria, according to sources close to the PAF and the GGF
L’Algérie, terre de paix pour les réfugiés égyptiens

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