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domenica 15 febbraio 2015

Today is Valentine, The fatwas will flower

According to " Algeria"
A special day for couples
"All parties sanctifying love, sharing, joy and other signs of brotherhood, are shared without reference."
Saturday, February 14 2015.Voilà a date that will talk. Who? Islamists and Salafists in particular that will certainly food for thought on the occasion of this day dedicated to love, commonly known as Valentine's Day. The fatwas will flower.
The happiness of hunters discover that this festival is becoming more and more in Algeria. They just take a walk at florists to be convinced. Symbols of this day with chocolates and perfumes, roses will be in no doubt, the "stars" of the 14th February. Not looking far the reason for the party and say that everything that makes life sweet and beautiful, all that de-stresses and makes people happy and called to the joy and love of the other, is taken "supported "by Valentine's Day. This is roughly the meaning which the Algerians in this festival. But it happens nonetheless that among our fellow citizens, there is those who do not really understand the modern meaning of Valentine's Day.
According to testimony gathered in downtown Algiers, Algiers residents are divided on the issue, there are those who are for and those against. Yet "this day is the symbol of love and life" is unworthy a young girl at the cross-Didouche Mourad street.
However, those who turn their backs on this day argue their remarks by religious considerations. "It is haram" they say. But this view is not unique. And because social media war rages between "for" and "against".
Psychosis of a people
"A form of extremism, a perversion of Islam! While it is true that we do not celebrate Christian symbols, especially those glorifying the Trinity and other priestly or ecumenical sign, all parties sanctifying love, sharing, joy and other signs of fraternization are shared without any reference to religious dogmas that underlie them, "said Amar A., active user on the Web. Amar "desecrates" the festival highlighting its universal character. "The New Year's Eve is not even Christian. Whenever it is celebrated in Algeria, there is an outcry when it is an opportunity as well to celebrate the love of his family, his children, through small gifts that are exchanged. "
Djamila, a lady of a certain age, invites Algerians, large and small, to party to break the daily routine. "Let these festive moments of relaxation and fraternal harmony, joy and bursting to forget the pains and difficulties of everyday life in the hope of a better future." It demonstrates that the Algerians were gays people by nature, very tender, emotional and sincere. "We are afraid to be happy. We stopped to treat ourselves to ourselves, "she laments.
However, the thugs of atmosphere, which are not numerous, but more noise, because the majority is silent. Although Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world, some of the boycott, not by financial worries but pure personal and religious beliefs. "Valentine's Day is haram, because its celebration is in no way a religious event. This is outrageous. This is only a universal tradition adopted by many Western cultures, "says Mohamed.B law student, met on the street. According to him, the Algerians do not have that right. "We are Muslims in a Muslim country, we do not have to celebrate the opportunities that are not related to our religion." Many are those who adopt such ideas and downright refuse that Valentine's Day is celebrated. Nadia, another intellectual, agreed with Mohamed. "Why be blind and follow the West? Therefore, they do not celebrate our festivals? We are Muslims and we have two religious holidays any more. "Another young reveals that "he who wants to celebrate this festival he has to go and live in a country that is not a Muslim."
So feast of love or party merchants?
But these criticisms remain in the minority, as the feast of love seems to grow in Algeria.
And to prove their feelings, men and women are preparing to spend money, which is not displeasing to florists, traders in lingerie, perfume and others who take seriously the symbolism of this celebration and hope to capitalize the phenomenon, which they say would yield 50% more sales.
Valentine's Day is becoming more and more like a party which is rather happiness traders that boost their sales, doubling or simply increasing the prices of their goods ..
Day of the lovers, St. -Valentin sees his popularity increasing in Algeria, especially among young people ... to which it provides an annual opportunity to show their love through a small present, sometimes even to an expensive gift. That said, this celebration sometimes borders on indecency because there was widespread abuse to make money ... So feast of love or party merchants? This day is sacred to our neighbors to the east (Tunisia) and western (Morocco), also glorified in Egypt and Lebanon, where Valentine's Day is more than a daAujourd’hui c’est la saint-valentin, Les fetwas vont fleuriry. The obvious question is: Algerian was he afraid to be happy?

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