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martedì 24 febbraio 2015

Paolo Scaroni: Saipem The case became public as a result of "settling of accounts" in Algiers

According to " Algeria"
The case Sonatrach-Saipem has been "enriched" a new record between the former CEO of Eni, Paolo Scaroni and his collaborators named Gianni This confirms the existence of bribes paid to officials Algerians.
In the recording, which is not dated, issued by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica means, Paolo Scaroni said, laughing at his colleague that the subsidiary of Eni has found itself in the midst of a "war of factions among the local politicians" in Algeria
"You know Saipem has been found in the middle of a settling of accounts and conflicts of interest between the Algerian officials, but to bribe was paid in any case."
The former head of ENI suggests that the case was triggered by the Italian courts following information came from Algiers. "The case became public after a dispute between the former Minister Chakib Khelil and Mohamed Meziane, CEO of Sonatrach," he said according to the translation was done by the newspaper Echorouk.
In the recording, the employee Scaroni evokes an e-mail sent by The Republic, who was about to publish a survey on the activities of Saipem in Algeria. "Yes, they have a whole page dedicated to the case Saipem in Algeria," said Scaroni.
The survey indicates that the employee newspaper quoted the hypothesis that Saipem has been involved in a "conspiracy in Algeria" by paying bribes to politicians in Algeria. "It 's true, responds Scaroni, was in any case, settling and revenge and battles of interest ...." Yet, corruption has taken place, "he added, laughing, followed by his collaborator.
"When a dispute between Khelil and Meziane, have thrown away .."
Scaroni also explains the "Algerian context" that made the case public Saipem. "When a dispute between Khelil and Meziane, have thrown out, I mean the minister and the head of Sonatrach ... I think there is a political settlement of their account. A showdown on different corruption cases. Saipem only one case, it was not the only one. "
The Republic Public recording of a telephone conversation in February 2013 between Scaroni and Development Minister Corrado Passera, who had asked for an explanation from the head of ENI after the latter after the outbreak of the investigation by Milan prosecutors.
Paolo Scaroni said the minister who was concerned about the reputation of Italian companies controlled by the state that the Italian magistrates are not wrong to suspect the payment of bribes wine $ 198 million to Algerian officials.
To recap, the Milan prosecutors asked proceedings against Paolo Scaroni and 7 other people for the case of bribes of $ 198 million to Saipem by. The Republic recalled in its issue of February 12 that the fee is based on the alleged payment of $ 198 million by the subsidiary of ENI former Energy Minister Chakib Khelil Algerian within 7 contracts worth a total of over 8 billion euro.
These payments were made between 2007 and 2010 in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Hong Kong. The investigating judges have asked proceedings against Scaroni, Pietro Pietro Varone, former chairman of Saipem Algeria, Tullio Orsi, former CFO of Saipem, Alessandro Bernini, former CEO of Saipem, Peter Such, former director of ENI North Africa.
Two Algerian "fugitive" Noureddine Bedjaoui, "man of confidence" and "trust" Chakib Khelil and Samyr Ouraied continued. In addition to the charge of bribery, false accusations income statements with fireworks (false invoices and false accounting systems) were added against Scaroni, Varone, Bernini, Tali, Bedjaoui and Ouraied.
Paolo Scaroni: L’affaire Saipem est devenue publique à la suite de « règlements de comptes » à Alger

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