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sabato 1 novembre 2014

A turn of events, Blaise Compaore left the power ????

Slimane MeLab,
Another dictator arrived at the border with intelligence, with no blood flow to his country as in 1987, exactly 27 years ago when he ascended to power with the murder of Thomas Sankara, the rebelle West, the revolutionary, the friend of Fidel Castro, the one who idolized the "What", Haile Selassi Ethiopia, Ghana's Kwame N'Kruma Mandela of South Africa. In short, Blaise Compaoré, cleverly taken a very wise decision of great importance, leaving the power can continue to live safely without any problem. What will happen now Burkina Faso ??? Coming another of the same model Compaoré or there will really elzioni presidential ??? I have many doubts in my opinion is just staged to make people believe that the state is changing Burkinabé seriously to invent elections. In my successor is already on the threshold of the presidential palace, it's just a matter of timing. The oggiggiù in Africa is very easy to get in and out of the state, just as a coup going on in various states so far.
Blaise Compaoré
Blaise Compaore, President of Burkina Faso outgoing.

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