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domenica 2 novembre 2014

Activities for Rainstorm, cold snowflakes and the first starting on Tuesday (ONJ)

According to "Algérie Presse Service,"
ALGIERS - A progressive and significant change over time in the north of Algeria and rain-storm activity increasingly vocal on all parts of storytelling and high plateaus will be observed from Tuesday, said Saturday the National Meteorology Office (NMO) .

It will be observed a significant update, especially during the day on Wednesday with the penetration of cold air of polar origin upward toward the interior of the country, which will be accompanied by the first snow in the mountains of the interior, a- has not the same source.

A gradual improvement is seen in the West since Friday and will run for the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, said APS responsible for the communication of ONJ, Brahim Ambar.

November of 2013 was marked by significant rain events storm that hit the whole of the northern regions of the country, particularly in the regions of Eastern and Central Europe, where a monthly total of 367 mm was recorded in Jijel and 210 mm at Algiers station (Porto), he recalled that indication.

The most significant episode was recorded during the period from November 12 to 15, where heavy rains and strong winds have caused bad weather in some parts of the Souk Eastern Ahrass and Annaba, added Mr. Ambar.
Activité pluvio-orageuse, froid et premiers flocons de neige à partir de mardi (Onm)

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