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sabato 1 novembre 2014

Hervé Gourdel the family is planning to visit Algeria

According to "Algeria 1"
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hervéesLa companion of French alpinist Hervé Gourdel beheaded by a terrorist armed group in September in the mountains Djurdjuran, namely, Frances Grandclaude account to travel to Algeria for a final tribute at the scene or even the victim was abducted .
Speaking Friday on CBC French radio France Inter, the wife of the former French hostage told the family of the victim is planning a trip to Algeria in the next few days.
In this regard, she said that "we may be going to go to Algeria. Review the last landscapes Hervé "while trusting that" we know the assassins Hervé. "
Françoise Grandclaude, by the same occasion, said that the French authorities have indeed "received assurances from the Algerian authorities on the importance of diligently pursuing the investigation."
In the same vein she told the president Francois Hollande, "gave us some assurances" that "it is the best it can weigh on the Algerian authorities to find the remains of Hervé. And to maintain a favorable political climate survey. "

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