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sabato 8 novembre 2014

Mohammed VI: "Algeria is the main part in the conflict over the Sahara"

The truth is that neither of the two states want to throw in the towel and say enough of lying to the two populations, one Algerian and one Moroccan, basically look the same as the membership of the indigenous Berber origin. In fact, the king who is not of this breed as you know, is in a great combine with the Algerian state with which lights a fuse every now and then for news propagete unfounded in order to create more hatred between the two peoples. The Western Sahara was a product of France and other Western friends who compete the thickest part of the cake and turn their faces to make elsewheres curious enough to create a story of bad taste the bad taste to savor.
Morocco to France by longtime friend, will never decline his march elsewhere or betray old friend ???
Algeria in this story has to do very little, just enough to spread bad news and turn the wealth derived from oil elsewhere in the coffers of the true owners. As for the torture of Sahrawi are part of the game, staged to involve the general public from all over the world ..
Mohamed VI : « L’Algérie est la principale partie dans le conflit sur le Sahara »

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